Care instructions

Care Crochet Bikini Styles

Crochet bikinis are some of the most detailed and beautiful pieces we see every season.

See below for all of the detailed Care instructions!

~ Your bikini can be worn in a swimming pool or in seawater.

How Should You Wash Your Crochet Bikini?
~You should always hand wash your crochet bikini

What Kind Of Water And Soap Work Best For Washing?
~ Always wash a crochet bikini with cold water. If you use detergent, pick something mild and plant-based if possible.

What Should You Do With Your Bikini After Swimming?
~ After rinsing with cold water and dry your crochet bikini with a towel by wrapping it up and pressing. This will remove a lot of moisture in the suit and speed up the total time it takes for the suit to dry.

How Should It Be Stored When Drying?
~ You can hang your bikini over a clothing rack to dry. The most important thing is that air circulates around your crochet beauty. Or lay it out flat to dry naturally in the shade.

care instructions crochet bikini